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balancing (dis)agreement
a diptych created for the
Hot Pink Platter group exhibit

balancing (dis)agreement.jpeg

About the Pieces

Logistical details:

Diptych created with acrylic paint sealed in resin on 8”x8” cradled wood panels

$200 each (visit gallery between March 4 and April 1 OR email to purchase)


These pieces center on the feminine experience & strength that comes from learning to say “yes” & “no” more intentionally. In a society that expects women to people-please & not rock the boat, the practice of striking a balance between agreement & disagreement can yield growth & beauty. Finding one’s own ever-changing balance of yes & no that is both socially-respectful & self-honoring is, for me, a critical part of the female experience. As a woman in the world, the practice & balance of intentionally saying yes & no has helped me bloom into my strongest & most authentic self.


Depending on if the viewer focuses on the worded background or on the blue flowered area, the work can be interpreted in two ways, which demonstrates the relative nature & ever-changing reality of negotiating life as a female. Interpretation 1: focusing on the worded background, saying “no” less and “yes” more. Interpretation 2: focusing on the blue area as graphs of occurrence over time, saying “yes” less and saying “no” more. Regardless of the interpretation, the number of flowers grows as you read each piece separately from left to right, which is representative of the growth that occurs when practicing intentional (dis)agreement over time. 


Finally, the flowers included are among the hardiest flowers in the world (Purple Saxifrage). They are layered over waves, so they are moving and floating within water, because that’s when I physically and spiritually feel the most feminine.

Check out the exhibit

March 4 - April 1

A.I.R Gallery + Studio



Tel: 708-466-3519

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